Friday, 6 January 2012

Timeline: 1983 (Take 2)


4th   UXM 144: Even in Death...
5th   UXM 144: Even in Death...
28th UXM 145: Kidnapped!
28th UXM 146: Murderworld!


1st       UXM 145: Kidnapped!
1st        UXM 146: Murderworld!
1st        UXM 147: Rogue Storm!
2nd     UXM 148: Cry, Mutant!
3rd      UXM 148: Cry, Mutant!
4th      UXM 148: Cry, Mutant!
5th      UXM 148: Cry, Mutant!
6th      UXM 148: Cry, Mutant!
8th      UXM 149: And the Dead Shall Bury the Living!
8th      UXM 150: I, Magneto!
9th      WOL #1: Wolverine
10th    WOL #1: Wolverine
11th    WOL #1: Wolverine
12th    WOL #1: Wolverine
13th    WOL #2: Debts and Obligations
20th    WOL #3: Loss
23rd    WOL #4: Honor


7th   UXM Annual 5: Ou, La La -- Badoon!
8th   UXM 151: X-Men Minus One!
9th   UXM 151: X-Men Minus One!
10th UXM 151: X-Men Minus One!
11th UXM 151: X-Men Minus One!
11th UXM 152: The Hellfire Gambit!
12th UXM 152: The Hellfire Gambit!
13th UXM 153: Kitty's Fairy Tale
26th UXM 154: Reunion
27th UXM 155: First Blood
27th UXM 155: Pursuit!
28th UXM 155: Pursuit!
28th UXM 157: Hide-'N'-Seek!


3rd   UXM 158: The Life That Late I Led...
7th  UXM 159: Night Screams!
8th   UXM 159: Night Screams!
9th   UXM 159: Night Screams!
10th UXM 159: Night Screams!
11th UXM 160: Chutes and Ladders!

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