Monday, 30 July 2012

Updated: Top 12 Team Tenures

Update: Now with actual order based on the numbers I'm using.  D'oh!

With the arrival of Rogue, this strikes me as an opportune time to update the longest-serving X-Men, based on the amount of time that appears to have passed.  Once again, each characters's time on the team will be given in the format (years, months, weeks, days).

=11. Polaris          (1,1,3,5)

=11. Havok          (1,1,3,5)

10. Banshee          (1,1,2,0)

9.  Wolverine        (2,0,0,6) [1]

=6. Storm             (2,0,3,0)

=6. Nightcrawler   (2,0,3,0)

=6. Colossus         (2,0,3,0)

5.  Beast               (2,6,0,6)

4.  Marvel Girl      (3,7,4,1)

3. Angel               (3,8,1,4)

2.  Iceman            (3,8,2,3)

1. Cyclops           (5,3,2,6) [2]

Sprite, it transpires, is not quite a year into her time in the mansion (by "not quite", I mean "four days off"), so she's just missed out this time.

[1] I assume here that Wolverine left the team immediately after UXM #168 so as to begin the preparations for his marriage to Mariko.

[2] Assuming Cyclops left just after returning to Earth, which seems to be what happened.

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