Friday, 14 June 2013

Questions That Need Answering #1

I've decided to start putting our slowly growing list of burning questions (where "burning" can be taken to mean "of interest only to ludicrously hyper-engaged people like me") in separate posts, now that it's gained some size.  Right now the list looks like this:
  1. How did Magneto find the X-Men's base to strike at them in UXM #17?
  2. Who built the Magneto robot Mesmero was unwittingly working for until UXM #58?
  3. Who was the mysterious mutant detected outside the Sentinel base in UXM #59?
  4. What is the relationship between Nightcrawler and Mystique?
  5. Why can Kitty see Illyana whilst the latter is using spellcasting to travel from her body?
  6. How did Selene escape her two millennium exile in Nova Roma? 
  7. What is the armour that keeps springing up around Illyana whenever she's attacked?
  8. How is Storm able to see through the mystic illusions of the Direwraiths?
  9. Who is the entity that linked Storm, Naze, Forge and the Direwraiths into a single consciousness?
My fuzzy memory suggests that last question (or maybe the last two) might be dealt with in UXM #188, but we shall see.

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