Sunday, 19 June 2011

UXM #16: "The Supreme Sacrifice!"

("Bolivar Trask... The thing you've got to remember about Bolivar Trask... Bolivar Trask... Bolivar Trask was a prat!") 

I confess ahead of time that this might be my terrible grasp of physics talking, but I really like Iceman's idea of breaking their prison walls by rustling up an ice-beam and repeatedly adding ice to the centre until it shatters the glass (even if it didn't work).  Presumably that can exert more force than Cyclops wouldn't be able to keep his balance if his force-beam got too strong without it getting though.  I think.  Hang on, momentum equals force times velocity, so -

Never mind.  I'm pretty sure I'm five seconds away from grabbing for a white board.  Back away from the equations, slowly.

 I note that Master Mold has finally concluded that the X-Men can't hurt him.  Whether he made this decision before, after, or during Beast's in-depth description of his first year of postgraduate work, history does not recall.  Old Double-M seems to have caught a case of the Raving Thesps that so plagued his minions last issue.  "Yonder machine?" I ask you...

It's nice of Stan Lee to give us pointers on how to build a heavy gravity globe, but I don't think it's necessary: I've been building one of those inside my torso ever since I started drinking heavily.

(Hah hah hah!  Humour, to disguise my alcoholism.)

Having mentioned above my total inability to grasp even fairly basic physics, I am prepared to take it on faith that a crystal can interfere with transmissions, even if it does sound a bit New-Agey.  Even so, how can you block the Sentinels' transmission from base while they're in the base?  No wonder Washington eventually turns against Xavier; the man's a loon.ever mind

Once again, this issue follows on immediately from the previous one, and is finished within a few hours at most.

Wednesday 6th September, 1978.



Compression Constant

1 Marvel month = 5.36 standard months.

Contemporary Events
The Camp David accords continue, never suspecting that Mathew Horne is preparing, even from his crib, to render world peace seem irrelevant in the face of his smug, worthless grin.
Stand-Out Line
"Beware the fanatic! Too often his cure is deadlier by far than the evil he denounces!" Not exactly Sorkin, I grant you, but I give Lee credit for the balls he's showing here.

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