Thursday, 16 June 2011

UXM #13: "Where Walks The Juggernaut!"

("I'll send out a psychic distress signal to all nearby teenage boys!") 


This is an interesting issue to read, with the benefit of hindsight.   I was all ready to bitch about how Professor X's out-of-nowhere construction of a "mento-helmet" (which frankly sounds like a mint-flavoured condom) was an appalling narrative cheat, but then nothing he does with it is even remotely outside of the sort of trick psychics pull off on a regular basis, these days.  Once you realise that, it's actually quite an elegant solution to the Juggernaut problem: bring in the Human Torch to blind him, and then have Angel nick his helmet so he can be mind-zapped.

Also interesting that Lee refers to Marvel Girl moving objects as teleporting.  From my admittedly small knowledge of such things, she might have a point, etymologically.  Too late now, though.  Let's take a standard British approach, and blame the Germans.

I'd never actually realised before now that the Teen Brigade is actually something from the Marvel Universe.  I think the first time I read this issue I was too disturbed by the idea of a mature man with an obsession with young people using his mind to send signals to teenage boys.  I've wondered for a while if the Professor is really crippled, or if the rug he keeps across his crotch is just to hide his massive boner.

I guess this is the blog where your childhood innocence comes to die.

Beyond that disturbing image, there's not a great deal to this issue beyond a single extended fight-scene, but the increasing desperation of the X-Men as they try to slow the Juggernaut down is nicely played.


(This issue marks the second anniversary of the comic's run).

This story takes place over a single day, the same day on which the Juggernaut arrived, and also on which Magneto and the Toad are abducted by the Stranger.

Johnny Storm mentions his sister's upcoming marriage to Mr Fantastic, but I think things are complicated enough without trying to tie the X-Men chronology into the Fantastic Four's.   Beyond that, this is a fairly barren issue, clue-wise.


Tuesday 22nd August, 1978.
Compression Constant
1 Marvel month = 5.08 standard months.
Contemporary Events
The Sandinistas occupy the national palace in Nicaragua.
Stand-Out Line
"Good!  I have dispelled the cloud of suspicion from his brain!  Now, I must lead him to us as quickly as possible! I shall direct you to where you are needed!  You must relax! Try to think of nothing! Let my mind guide yours"  Xavier ensnares another innocent victim. "You will follow my commands implicitly", indeed.

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