Monday, 20 February 2012

Gary's Ghost

Just passing along this post from George R R Martin regarding the plight of Gary Friedrich, who wrote four issues of X-Men back in the '60s.  As I recall, I wasn't tremendously impressed, but of course it's very easy to sneer at stories that are over forty years old, especially in what was at the time a comparatively new medium, at least as far as the general public was concerned (if you haven't already, you should really read Scott McCloud's brilliant Understanding Comics for a full history of the comic form, though that's a post for another time).

In any case, my opinion on my small experience with Friedrich's writing notwithstanding, it's certainly not difficult to see something wrong in a studio making millions of dollars off a character created by someone who won't see a cent of the profits.  I think Martin's suggestion of sending Friedrich the cost of a ticket to the film is a really nice idea, so, as I say, I'm passing it along.

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