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Full Timeline: Take 2

Stan Lee

1.   The X-Men: Friday 31st March to Saturday 1st April, 1978.
2.   No-one Can Stop the Vanisher!: Monday 3rd to Friday 7th April, 1978.
3.   Beware of the Blob!: Saturday 22nd April, 1978.
4.   The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!: Sunday 23rd April to Tuesday 2nd May, 1978.
5.   Trapped: One X-Man!: Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th May, 1978.
6.   Submariner! Joins the Evil Mutants: Saturday 13th to Monday 15th May, 1978.
7.   Return of the Blob: Thursday 29th to Friday 30th of June, 1978.
8.   The Uncanny Threat of... Unus the Untouchable!: Saturday 1st to Saturday 8th July,
9.   Enter: the Avengers: Saturday 15th to Wednesday 19th July, 1978.
10. The Coming of... Ka-Zar: Tuesday 15th of August, 1978.
11. The Triumph of Magneto!: Tuesday 22nd of August, 1978.
12. The Origin of Professor X!: Tuesday 22nd of August, 1978.
13. Where Walks the Juggernaut!: Tuesday 22nd of August, 1978.
14. Among us Stalk... the Sentinels!:  Tuesday 5th to Wednesday 6th September, 1978.
15. Prisoners of the Mysterious Master Mold!: Wednesday 6th September, 1978.
16. The Supreme Sacrifice: Wednesday 6th September, 1978.
17. ...And None Shall Survive!: Wednesday 6th to Thursday 7th September, 1978.
18. ...If Iceman Should Fail!: Thursday 7th to Friday 8th September, 1978.
19. Lo!  Now Shall Appear -- The Mimic!: Wednesday 1st to Thursday 2nd November, 1978.

Lee's tenure: 31 months.  Time passed for X-Men: 7 months.  Compression constant: 1 Lee month = 4.42 standard months.

Roy Thomas

20. I, Lucifer...: Monday 6th November, 1978.
21. From Whence Comes... Dominus?: Monday 6th to Tuesday 7th November, 1978.
22. Divided -- we Fall!: Thursday 31st May to Friday 1st June, 1979.
23. To Save a City: Friday 1st June, 1979.
24. The Plague of... The Locust!: Tuesday 14th to Saturday 18th September, 1979.
25. The Power and the Pendant!: Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd September, 1979.
26. Holocaust!: Thursday 23rd to Friday 24th September, 1979.
27. Re-Enter: The Mimic!: Sunday 26th to Tuesday 28th September, 1979.
28. Wail of the Banshee!: Sunday 1st November, 1979.
29. When Titans Clash!: Saturday 5th December, 1979.
30. The Warlock Wakes!: Sunday 6th of December, 1979.
31. We Must Destroy... the Cobalt Man!: Friday 11th of December, 1979.
32. Beware the Juggernaut, my Son!: Wednesday 19th of March, 1980.
33. Into The Crimson Cosmos!: Wednesday 19th of March, 1980.
34. War -- in a World of Darkness!: Wednesday 19th to Thursday 20th March, 1980.

Thomas's tenure to date: 14 months.  Time passed for X-Men: 16 months.  Compression constant: 1 Thomas month = 0.85 standard months.

By way of explanation, the fact that the Juggernaut attack and Ted's call to Jean happened on the same night forces us to bring issues #32 and #33 forward, but issue #31 can be left exactly where it is.  This now makes Bobby's birth date the nineteenth of March, 1962, which makes him about 28 months younger than Hank.

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