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Full Timeline

Stan Lee

1.   The X-Men: Friday 31st March to Saturday 1st April, 1978.
2.   No-one Can Stop the Vanisher!: Monday 3rd to Friday 7th April, 1978.
3.   Beware of the Blob!: Saturday 22nd April, 1978.
4.   The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!: Sunday 23rd April to Tuesday 2nd May, 1978.
5.   Trapped: One X-Man!: Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th May, 1978.
6.   Submariner! Joins the Evil Mutants: Saturday 13th to Monday 15th May, 1978.
7.   Return of the Blob: Thursday 29th to Friday 30th of June, 1978.
8.   The Uncanny Threat of... Unus the Untouchable!: Saturday 1st to Saturday 8th July,
9.   Enter: the Avengers: Saturday 15th to Wednesday 19th July, 1978.
10. The Coming of... Ka-Zar: Tuesday 15th of August, 1978.
11. The Triumph of Magneto!: Tuesday 22nd of August, 1978.
12. The Origin of Professor X!: Tuesday 22nd of August, 1978.
13. Where Walks the Juggernaut!: Tuesday 22nd of August, 1978.
14. Among us Stalk... the Sentinels!:  Tuesday 5th to Wednesday 6th September, 1978.
15. Prisoners of the Mysterious Master Mold!: Wednesday 6th September, 1978.
16. The Supreme Sacrifice: Wednesday 6th September, 1978.
17. ...And None Shall Survive!: Wednesday 6th to Thursday 7th September, 1978.
18. ...If Iceman Should Fail!: Thursday 7th to Friday 8th September, 1978.
19. Lo!  Now Shall Appear -- The Mimic! Wednesday 1st to Thursday 2nd November, 1978.

Lee's tenure: 31 months.  Time passed for X-Men: 7 months.  Compression constant: 1 Lee month = 4.42 standard months.

Roy Thomas

20. I, Lucifer...: Monday 6th November, 1978.
21. From Whence Comes... Dominus?: Monday 6th to Tuesday 7th November, 1978.
22. Divided -- we Fall!: Thursday 31st May to Friday 1st June, 1979.
23. To Save a City: Friday 1st June, 1979.
24. The Plague of... The Locust! Tuesday 14th to Saturday 18th September, 1979.
25. The Power and the Pendant! Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd September, 1979.
26. Holocaust! Thursday 23rd to Friday 24th September, 1979.
27. Re-Enter: The Mimic!: Sunday 26th to Tuesday 28th September, 1979.
28. Wail of the Banshee!: Sunday 1st November, 1979.
29. When Titans Clash!: Saturday 5th December, 1979.

Thomas's tenure to date: 9 months.  Time passed for X-Men: 13 months.  Compression constant: 1 Thomas month = 0.69 standard months.

A few words of explanation.  We know issues #25 at least starts in Summer, and takes place immediately after issue #24, hence the dates above.  Issue #27 takes place in Autumn, and we need to include enough time for Angel to at least have partialyl recovered. Since the difference between issues #26 and #28 is now about two months, we can put issue #26 in the middle.  This has the knock-on effect of making Beast's estimated birth date now the second of November, 1959, rather than the twenty-fourth of September.

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