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UXM #43: "The Torch Is Passed...!"

(Worst... reimagining... ever!)


Xavier's funeral seems remarkably sparsely attended.  His five X-Men and a priest?  I realise that there's still decades to go before we learn of Moira MacTaggert, Amelia Voght, and Gabrielle Haller, but surely someone should have shown up, Xavier's years as a recluse notwithstanding [1].  Hell, even Cain Marko might have wanted to be there, if only to check his half-brother was definitely dead.

At least Quicksilver shows up (somewhat late, because nothing suggests problems with punctuality like super fucking speed), which is a nice touch, and a reminder that Xavier's influence extended beyond his five students.  Of course, having Pietro take a moment to pay his respects just makes Magneto's ranting look even more ridiculous.  "My only regret is that it was someone else who snuffed out his worthless life... and not I, Magneto!"  Man, that is some classless bullshit, right there.

Apparently Magneto has himself another secret island headquarters.  At a certain point, you'd be expecting people to be monitoring those things, wouldn't you?  Or is everyone tied up with staking out volcanic cave systems?

In addition to his new digs, Magneto seems to have regained the Toad from his interstellar exile.  Ordinarily such unexplained developments annoy me, but I have to confess that "The Intergalactic Flight Of Toad The Adventurer!" doesn't really sound like a particularly engrossing tale.  Even if he does get chased through the stars by an implacable, emotionless foe, BSG it ain't.

"Stop staring at my arse, Callis, you slippery nonce!"
 Using previous ship losses to triangulate Magneto's whereabouts and then head off on a ship filled with tempting cargo is quite a nice idea, actually.  Cyclops gets points for that.  On the other hand, if that was your plan, wouldn't you put at least a little effort into ensuring Magneto couldn't actually use the cargo of massively powerful computers you're using as bait?  Not to back-seat super-hero, or anything.


The trees seem bare right now, but that could still be the after-effects of the strange blight that's been bothering them for weeks.  In any case, the publication date of this issue is all of a fortnight earlier than our estimated date of Xavier's death, so even if Thomas' is up to his old trick of synchronising seasons, we should still be alright.  I've assumed arranging Xavier's funeral took about a week, which doesn't seem an unreasonable period.

The X-Men's encounter with Magneto takes place "a few days later", which would put it on the Tuesday.  I guess Jean Grey is taking some time off from college, though that doesn't seem too unreasonable given her loss.


Saturday 19th to Tuesday 22nd April, 1980.


X+750 to X+753.

Compression Constant

1 Marvel year = 2.22 standard years.

(Iceman is 37 years old.)

Contemporary Events

A general strike breaks out in Algeria in protest against the co-ordinated arrests of various Berber activists, students and doctors.

Standout Line

"Quiet, all of you!  We've got to hear every word of this!"  For once, Cyclops is entirely right to harangue his fellows.  You know what you keep your mouth shut during?  Your mentor's video will.

[1] In fairness, they do mention that both Agent Duncan and Banshee were on the guest list.  That still doesn't explain why there were no generic mourners.  Generic mourning is critically important!

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