Friday, 22 July 2011

UXM #49: "Who Dares Defy... The Demi-Men?"

("Be sure to wear some flowers in your green hair")


This is encouraging: only two issues in and Drake has introduced us to two long-running characters, Polaris and Mesmero [1].  I'm not completely clear on why Mesmero considers himself the acolyte of Magneto, given that we've never seen him before, but that's a fairly minor complaint.

Also in this issue: Hank becomes furious when Bobby brings a girl home for coffee.  Surprising, this is not (mind you, Beast is presumably still annoyed that when Bobby suggested taking the plunge and forming a couple, he was only talking about becoming a skydiving act).

It's slightly more difficult to understand what happened to Lorna Dane in the first place.  Obviously, Mesmero's hypnotic signals explain why she was headed to San Francisco, but it's a little harder to discern how she managed to travel 1200 miles within a page and a half.  To paraphrase From Dusk 'Til Dawn, people don't travel at the speed of light when you call them, I don't give a fuck how hypnotised they are.

Cyclops is also pretty lucky that the "mutant squad" he sees (who I presume are the "demi-men"of the title) and then attacks actually were bad guys.  From what I know of San Francisco, the fact that someone is dressed like a freak tells you absolutely nothing.

Hank once again proves his worth this issue.  Twice over, in fact: he creates a portable Cerebro unit to go mutant-hunting, and also demonstrates that when the X-Men go into battle without him, they end up with Angel shot and nearly killed.  That never happens when the Beast is around.  Uh, unless, y'know, Cyclops does it himself.


This issue is a bit blurry on the details, but it seems to take place over a single day.

Angel describes the mansion as "a suite of musty, shrouded silent recollections!", which suggests some time has passed.  Mind you, Xavier was so anal he probably kept the place spotless at all times (presumably getting Marvel Girl to telekinetically wield a dustpan and brush).  Combined with Warren's parents being indescribably rich, it's plausible that his definition of "musty" bears little resemblance to what we understand by the word.

Let's assume then that the X-Men broke up a fortnight ago.


Sunday 11th May, 1980.



Compression Constant

1 Marvel year = 2.40 standard years.

(Iceman is 35 years old.)

"You won't thaw out of this
until next Spring!"
Contemporary Events

The mobster Henry Hill (played by Ray Liotta in Goodfellas) is arrested for drugs possession.

Standout Line

"We come not to harm you -- but to  -- worship you!"  Now that's how you write an ending.

[1] The idea of latent mutants is explored for the first time, too.

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