Sunday, 3 July 2011

UXM #30: "The Warlock Wakes!"

(If Merlin ages backwards, how come he's gone so completely senile?)


Warren seems to have put on a little weight recently; it's hard to tell him from Hank just from head shots.  I guess not being able to fly right has led to him going to seed a bit.  It's a good job he's still insanely rich.

"So -- at last we meet our attacker face to face!".  You must learn patience, Xavier; we're only on page 3.  That's like Vader saying "At last my troops have taken the Tantive IV!": you just sound like an impatient whiner.

I know this is the sort of complaint that's pretty pointless in the context of '60s comics, but the Warlock's plan (which of course he explains to Xavier in detail, "because it pleases me") makes absolutely bugger-all sense.  How is having your mind re-written to think oneself a dark age peasant going to stop you working out how to use the guns you own?  Sure, not everyone will succeed, and some of them are going to shoot themselves and each other trying, but you could give two million howler monkeys guns, and you'd still be pretty fucking wary about heading into the jungle the day after.

Even if the US citizenry couldn't figure this stuff out by trial and error, they'd soon catch on from watching the Warlock's flunkies dish out hot lead salads.  At which point you're horribly outnumbered and wearing massively heavy, decidedly non-bulletproof armour.  It's like old school Daleks invading Stone Age Earth using only weaponised staircases - sooner or later their own weapons are going to be turned against them.

Original concept artwork for "An Unearthly
Child" 's segue into "The Daleks"

This issue takes place over a single night.


Sunday 6th of December, 1979.



Compression Constant

1 Marvel year = 2.08 standard years.

(Iceman is 38 years old.)
"You don't think the Iceman would
let his ol' buddy down, do ya?"
Contemporary Events

Standout Line

"You know, I think we just finished saving the world -- and I'm still not exactly sure what happened!"

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