Thursday, 11 August 2011

X1C #3: "A Life Of The Mind"

(The waffle truth...)


This is a mildly disappointing issue, mainly because the central mystery implies something much more interesting than what we end up with.  It's fun to watch the X-Men figuring out what's going on, but whilst being stuck in their mentor's head has a lot of potential, almost nothing is done with it.

There are some nice touches, though.  I like the idea that Iceman never takes hot showers, and that apparently it's perfectly normal for Xavier to be quaffing red wine over breakfast (or, since this is his subconscious, maybe that's just what he wants to do).  And I certainly hope Xavier does end up calling their qualifications "liberal art degrees".  After all, people might become suspicious if the students stayed at the mansion after graduating in anything that's actually of use.

Plus, no issue in which Bobby has to use his powers of annoyance to save the day can be all that bad.  Step 1: Find Juggernaut. Step 2: Insult Juggernaut until he tries to kill you.  "You've still got it, Bobby."

But does anyone else think that Jean's attempts to tear down the false reality she was trapped in couldn't have waited until after a delicious breakfast?  Cyclops certainly wanted to finish his victuals, at least, and didn't seem too happy about being dragged from the table: "Don't touch that bacon, fat boy!".


This issue takes place in approximately real time.

We learn in this issue that the team has fought not only the Juggernaut and the Blob (both of which we already knew) but also the Sentinels, meaning that, as assumed, the events of this series must take place after UXM #18.

Let's be kind to the team and assume that they got almost a full week of R&R in the Worthington Florida condo.  We'll further assume that Xavier is trapped within Cerebro on the first night they return.


Sunday 17th September, 1978.



Contemporary Events

The Camp David accords are signed between Israel and Egypt.

Standout Line

"WHEE! I mean -- Ah, we're safe!" - Beast.

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