Saturday, 13 August 2011

X1C #5: "The Littlest Frost Giant"

(Cold fusion.)


Ooooh!  It's all gone a bit arc-plot!  Well, maybe.  It seems the Midgard Vanir have plans for everyone's favourite "elemental", but I've read enough Marvel comics to realise that any given hint of a returning plot-line has at least a 30% chance of never resurfacing again.

Still, it might make for a nice change.  The individual vignettes offered by this title so far have been fun, and it's certainly made placing them in the timeline a good deal less irksome, but sooner or later, a reader needs something firmer to sink their teeth into.

The Midgard Vanir might be a good option.  At first I was surprised and not entirely pleased to see Thor showing up just one issue after Dr Strange guess-starred.  It felt a little bit too much like an attempt to boost sales (though how much of a concern that is with a limited series, I'm not sure: of course, plenty of ongoing titles never make it to eighth issue; just ask Kieron Gillen).

On reflection, though, using Thor as a way of introducing a bevy of Norse villains has the definite advantage of giving the X-Men an enemy to face that's entirely removed from their usual sphere, meaning they can engage in protracted conflict without there needing to be an explanation as to why said battling has never been brought up in "later" issues.

It also allows Parker to set Ymir loose, which no rational human being could object to.  I do feel sorry for Ulf the troll, though...


This story takes place over a single day.

There's a continuity glitch in this issue: Thor implies he has never met the X-Men before, despite having fought them in UXM #9.

Apparently, there's been sightings of the ice-troll "across the North East", but presumably this could have been taking place whilst the X-Men were battling the demon from the Crimson Cosmos, so there's no reason why this adventure could not take place the following day.


Monday 14th April, 1980.



Contemporary Events

The Sahwari Arab Democratic Republic is recognised by Egypt and Libya.

Jean-Paul Sartre dies aged 74.

Standout Line

"In your giant face!" - Iceman.