Thursday, 25 August 2011

XHY #3: "On Wings Of Angels"

(Do angels often wear feather thongs?)


Bryne obviously realises that getting into the '00s is a pretty major event, because this time around, he's stuck a joke in.

It's another decidedly retro and generally bloodless issue.  There are two lovely moments here - one where the Beast climbs a tower with his hands whilst holding Cyclops with his feet, and another a few moments later when they come across a truly lovely airship - some kind of cross between a fleet of clippers and a Mon Calamari cruiser, held aloft by dozens of emerald and amber balloons. As slow and uninteresting as I'm finding this storyline, Bryne's art is periodically fairly strong.

It really isn't enough, though.  Alex and Lorna arrive and meet Ka-Zar, Angel learns the story of the city, and the other X-Men sneak about a lot.  Iceman doesn't show up at all.  Ho-hum.

Still, back to X1C tomorrow.  That'll be nice!


Havok tells Ka-Zar that the ship carrying his fellow X-Men crashed about a day ago, which suggests we've missed a night somewhere (presumably whatever mysterious forces keep the Savage Land from freezing also stop it being near-permanent night near the end of winter). The easiest option here is to assume Cyclops, Beast and Marvel Girl have spent the night searching the mysterious city, whilst Angel spends it recuperating from his injuries.

Ka-Zar mentions that he's been travelling for three weeks to find out what's going on in this part of the Savage Land, but that works out fine; it's been almost four weeks since the X-Men last saw him.


Tuesday 24th to Wednesday 25th June, 1980.


X+2Y+85 to X+2Y+86.

Compression Constant

1 Marvel year = 3.02 standard years.

(Iceman is 31 years old)

Contemporary Events

The Muslim Brotherhood attempts to assassinate Syrian President Hafez al-Assad, without success.

Standout Line

"I'm called Havok and this is, ah..."
"Call me Magnetrix, Blondie!"

I didn't say it was a particularly good joke.  Besides, she clearly should have gone with Friskoteque...

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