Saturday, 20 August 2011

X1C (v2) #3: "Island X: Part 2"

("I am sooo stoned!")


Right.  So this is Monster Island, then.  It did seem a little unlikely that you'd get two such places (Monster Archipelago?), but I'm not sure it was the best idea to revisit the place so soon after the special issue, particularly as it means that either this story has to take place before that issue, or that Jean's dragon must have stolen a fair few of her IQ points as a parting gift.

That complaint out of the way, though, it's another good issue, if somewhat slight.  I had considered the possibility that Mastermind was behind all this somehow - the way last issue both began and ended with his statue on display rather suggested he was going to show up.  The idea that he's been conscious ever since the Stranger petrified him is actually quite unpleasant, but then if there's anyone who doesn't get to complain about his brain being divorced from the outside world, it's Jason Wyngarde.


This issue begins shortly after the previous one ended, and continues into the following day.  Since, as noted above, this story has to take place before Jean meets her dragon, we'll swap the dates around.  In order to not mess up the timings of the UXM issues, I'll also truncate the time said creature stays with the team by a single day.


Monday 9th October, 1978.



Contemporary Events

Standout Line
"Go for the cerebellum, Sir!" - Iceman and Beast.


  1. Xavier becoming Onslaught should not have surprised anyone... No one else creeped by this damn cover ?

  2. I hadn't actually noticed, but now that you mention it...

    There's something not quite human about it, isn't there?