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Full Time-Line: Take 8

UXM 1.     The X-Men: Friday 31st March to Saturday 1st April, 1978.
UXM 2.     No-one Can Stop the Vanisher!: Monday 3rd to Friday 7th April, 1978.
UXM 3.     Beware of the Blob!: Saturday 22nd April, 1978.
UXM 4.     The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!: Sunday 23rd April to Tuesday 2nd May, 1978.
UXM 5.     Trapped: One X-Man!: Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th May, 1978.
UXM 6.     Submariner! Joins the Evil Mutants: Saturday 13th to Monday 15th May, 1978.
UXM 7.     Return of the Blob: Thursday 29th to Friday 30th of June, 1978.
UXM 8.     The Uncanny Threat of... Unus the Untouchable!: Saturday 1st to Saturday 8th July,
UXM 9.     Enter: the Avengers: Saturday 15th to Wednesday 19th July, 1978.
X1Cv2 1.  The Job Shadow: Saturday 29th July, 1978.

UXM 10. The Coming of... Ka-Zar: Tuesday 15th August, 1978.
UXM 11. The Triumph of Magneto!: Tuesday 22nd August, 1978.
UXM 12. The Origin of Professor X!: Tuesday 22nd August, 1978.
UXM 13. Where Walks the Juggernaut!: Tuesday 22nd August, 1978.
UXM 14. Among us Stalk... the Sentinels!:  Tuesday 5th to Wednesday 6th September, 1978.
UXM 15. Prisoners of the Mysterious Master Mold!: Wednesday 6th September, 1978.
UXM 16. The Supreme Sacrifice: Wednesday 6th September, 1978.
UXM 17. ...And None Shall Survive!: Wednesday 6th to Thursday 7th September, 1978.
UXM 18. ...If Iceman Should Fail!: Thursday 7th to Friday 8th September, 1978.
X1C 1.    X-Men 101: Saturday 9th September, 1978.

X1C 2.     The Bird, The Beast, and the Lizard: Monday 11th September, 1978.
X1C 3.     A Life of the Mind: Sunday 17th September, 1978.
X1C 7.     Who Wants to Date a Millionaire?: Sunday 1st October, 1978.
X1C 8.     The Treasure Hunters: Monday 2nd to Tuesday 3rd October, 1978.
XICv2 2.  Island X:  Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th October, 1978.
XICv2 3.  Island X (Part 2):  Monday 9th October, 1978.
X1C Sl.    Museum of Oddities - The Soul of a Poet - A Girl and her Dragon: Tuesday 10th
                 to Monday 30th October, 1978.
UXM 19.  Lo!  Now Shall Appear -- The Mimic!: Wednesday 1st to Thursday 2nd November, 1978.
UXM 20.  I, Lucifer...: Monday 6th November, 1978.
UXM 21.  From Whence Comes... Dominus?: Monday 6th to Tuesday 7th November, 1978.

X1Cv2 9.  The New Recruit: Tuesday 2nd January, 1979.
X1Cv2 6.  The Catalyst: Friday 7th to Saturday 8th April, 1979.
X1Cv2 7.  The Catalyst, Part 2: Saturday 8th to Thursday 13th April, 1979.
X1Cv2 8.  Adventure into Fear: Friday 14th April, 1979.
X1Cv2 10. Frederick: Sunday 16th April, 1979.
X1Cv2 11. ...Canon: Sunday 16th April, 1979.
X1Cv2 12. Fly Away: Monday 17th to Thursday 20th April, 1979.
X1Cv2 13. Rise, Robot, Rise: Friday 21st April, 1979.
X1Cv2 14. Lava Man Attack!: Friday 21st April, 1979.
X1Cv2 15. Bad Hair Day: Friday 21st to Saturday 22nd April, 1979.

X1Cv2 16. 4X: Sunday 23rd to Tuesday 25th April, 1979.
X1Cv2 4.   Road Trip: Wednesday 16th to Wednesday 30th May, 1979.
UXM 22.   Divided -- we Fall!: Thursday 31st May to Friday 1st June, 1979.
UXM 23.   To Save a City: Friday 1st June, 1979.
X1Cv2 5 Smash: Sunday 30th July, 1978.
UXM 24.   The Plague of... The Locust!: Tuesday 14th to Saturday 18th September, 1979.
UXM 25.   The Power and the Pendant!: Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd September, 1979.
UXM 26.   Holocaust!: Thursday 23rd to Friday 24th September, 1979.
UXM 27.   Re-Enter: The Mimic!: Sunday 26th to Tuesday 28th September, 1979.
UXM 28.   Wail of the Banshee!: Sunday 1st November, 1979.

UXM 29. When Titans Clash!: Saturday 5th December, 1979.
UXM 30. The Warlock Wakes!: Sunday 6th of December, 1979.
UXM 31. We Must Destroy... the Cobalt Man!: Friday 11th of December, 1979.
UXM 32. Beware the Juggernaut, my Son!: Wednesday 19th of March, 1980.
UXM 33. Into The Crimson Cosmos!: Wednesday 19th of March, 1980.
UXM 34. War -- in a World of Darkness!: Wednesday 19th to Thursday 20th March, 1980.
UXM 35. Along Came a Spider...!: Saturday 5th April, 1980.
UXM 36. Mekano Lives!: Saturday 5th April, 1980.
UXM 37. We, the Jury...: Sunday 6th April, 1980.
UXM 38. The Sinister Shadow of... Doomsday!: Sunday 6th April, 1980.

UXM 39. The Fateful Finale!: Sunday 6th April, 1980.
UXM 40. The Mark of the Monster!: Saturday 12th April, 1980.
X1C 4.    Seeing Red: Sunday 13th April, 1980.
X1C 5.    The Littlest Frost Giant: Monday 14th April, 1980.
X1C 6.    The S-Men: Tuesday 15th to Wednesday 16th  April, 1980.
UXM 41. Now Strikes... the Sub-Human!: Tuesday 29th April, 1980.
UXM 42. If I Should Die...: Tuesday 29th April, 1980.
UXM 43. The Torch is Passed...!:  Monday 5th to Thursday 8th May, 1980.
UXM 44. Red Raven, Red Raven...!: Thursday 8th May, 1980.
UXM 45. When Mutants Clash!: Friday 9th May, 1980.

UXM 46. The End of the X-Men!: Tuesday 13th April, 1980.
UXM 47. The Warlock Wears Three Faces!: Saturday 17th May, 1980.
UXM 48. Beware Computo: Controller of the Robot Hive!: Sunday 18th May, 1980.
UXM 49. Who Dares Defy... the Demi Men?: Tuesday 27th May, 1980.
UXM 50. City of Mutants: Tuesday 27th May, 1980.
UXM 51. The Devil had a Daughter!: Tuesday 27th to Sunday 1st June, 1980.
UXM 52. Twilight of the Mutants!: Sunday 1st May, 1980.
UXM 53. The Rage of Blastaar!: Thursday 5th June, 1980.
UXM 54. Wanted: Dead or Alive -- Cyclops!: Friday 6th June, 1980.
UXM 55. The Living Pharaoh!:  Friday 6th to Saturday 7th June, 1980.

UXM 56. What is... the Power?: Saturday 7th June, 1980.
UXM 57. The Sentinels Live!: Saturday 7th to Sunday 8th May, 1980.
UXM 58.  Mission: Murder!: Sunday 8th to Monday 9th May, 1980.
UXM 59. Do or Die, Baby!: Monday 9th June, 1980.
UXM 60. In the Shadow of... Sauron!: Monday 9th June, 1980.
UXM 61. Monsters Also Weep!: Monday 9th to Tuesday 10th June, 1980.
UXM 62. Strangers... in a Savage Land!: Tuesday 17th June, 1980.
UXM 63. War in the World Below!: Tuesday 17th June, 1980.
UXM 64. The Coming of Sunfire!: Thursday 19th June, 1980.
UXM 65. Before I'd be Slave...: Saturday 21st June, 1980.

UXM 66. The Mutants and the Monster: Sunday 22nd June, 1980.
XHY 1.    Once More the Savage Land: Monday 23rd June, 1980.
XHY 2.    The Ghost and the Darkness: Tuesday 24th June, 1980.
XHY 3.    On Wings of Angels: Tuesday 24th to Wednesday 25th June, 1980.
XHY 4.    Escape to Oblivion: Wednesday 25th June, 1980.
XHY 5.    Riders on the Storm: Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th June, 1980.
XHY 6.    Behold a Goddess Rising..!: Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th June, 1980.
X1F 1.    Senioritis: Friday 4th September, 1980.
X1F 2.    Beginning of the End: Friday 4th September, 1980.

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