Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Ice Core Dating Method

Not so much an announcement as an explanation, really; over the weekend I was asked how exactly the Iceman Age Equivalence Measure is supposed to work.

So here's the deal, kids.  Bobby referred to himself as sixteen years old back in the very first X-Men issue.  Out here in The Real, that was forty-eight years and eleven days ago, or 17 543 days.  Using the compression constant calculated in this morning's post, we estimate that it's been 17543/4.43 = 3960.05 days since UXM #1 within Marvel continuity.  That's somewhat shy of eleven years, which puts Iceman's age at 26 (at a minimum, it's possible he could be 27).

That's the maths out of the way.  The picture is always of someone who is the same age as Iceman, according to the most recent calculation.  Often the pictures are a little out of date (or a lot out of date, in the case of Macaulay Culkin), but the basic idea is to show a photo of someone who either could "be" Iceman (to a greater or lesser extent), someone who it amuses me to think of as playing Iceman (e.g. Gareth Gates, Rachel McAdams, R2-D2), or someone who is Christina Hendricks.

I hope that clears everything up for you all.

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