Monday, 12 September 2011

X1F #3: "Higher Learning"

(Graduation blues.)


This is definitely getting interesting.  The initial fight with the "ghost of Magneto" is entertaining enough (especially Beast's increasingly ludicrous attempts to hypothesise on what might be going on), but when the X-Men start watching their own conversations whilst they're having them, I can safely be considered intrigued (it's a nice way to distract from a fairly long talky scene, as well).

Presumably the "post-game analysis" (as Cyclops would say) has something to do with Scott's conclusion that Jean is to blame for the current influx of the X-Men's greatest hits (she's certainly conspicuous by her absence).   That in turn would suggest her subconscious is acting up over the chance the X-Men will split up.  But then why does "Juggernaut" show up just after the gang decide they're going to stick together?

Then again, maybe she's just experience the same overwhelming sense of futility that so many of were hit by upon becoming graduands.  I certainly remember being distinctly disconsolate at the realisation that four of the most busy, exciting, confusion, heart-breaking and important years of my life had boiled down to a single number.  God only knows what I'd have smashed to bits had I access to telekinetic powers.  Or what would have crawled out of my subconscious.  I can think of at least one member of the maths department whose lectures could be unfavourably compared to having Juggernaut punch you in the gonads, and I'm sure there are readers of this blog who can back me up on that. 

Who are the real heroes, is what I'm saying.


This issue takes place over a single day, if we ignore the narration from the blue-bubbled future X-Men.  Also, Bobby mentions that it is not yet winter.


Friday 4th September, 1980.



Contemporary Events

Tropical storm Danielle forms in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Standout Line

"Perhaps his essence has become spread throughout space and he's attempting to... rebuild himself... now a purely electromagnetic being?"
"That explanation takes too long to say.  Don't like it." - Beast and Angel.

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