Thursday, 15 September 2011

XHY #7: "Power Play"

(Delugions of grandeur.)


I imagine this issue must have sharply divided fan opinion when it first came out.  A lot rides on whether or not you can believe that Beast could design a lens out of raindrops, that Storm could then create, and which would let a specific form of sunlight through that would immediately both wake Cyclops up and super-charge him, so that he can overload an energy-storing mutant who can consume the kinetic power of a storm the size of a hemisphere.

For everyone who found that too hard to swallow, this issue must struck them as absolutely terrible.  For everyone else, it would only have been preternaturally boring.

Still, at least this first story is finally over.  Well, partly, at least.  Iceman is still in the clutches of Karl Lykos (though Bryne still won't call him by name, because he has no understanding of how suspense is supposed to work), who's apparently taken up residence in an area so inhospitable even Nazi explorers choose to poison themselves rather than finish unpacking (now there's a story that might be worth reading), and Havok and Lorna are still nosing around the remnants of the Nhu-Gari city.  Angel and Avia are apparently going to be sold to the circus, because 21st century Scandinavia is exactly the sort of place you'd expect indentured servitude for freaks to still be going on.

60% of the team are back, though, and just in time to meet up with the Fantastic Four!  I guess next time round this book is going to be even more like First Class.  Only, you know, without pacing or jokes or a decent plot, or what have you.  Hell, if Bryne can avoid another three page flashback as the villain narrates his origin story to himself, then that would be a start..


The majority of this issue takes place over the course of a few hours, but there's a seventy-five hour gap in which Hank, Scott and Jean travel back home.


Friday 27th to Monday 30th June, 1980.


X+2Y+88 to X+2Y+91.

Compression Constant

1 Marvel year = 3.15 standard years.

(Iceman is 31 years old.)

"What's with all these... ropes..?"
Contemporary Events

Vigdis Finnbogadottir becomes the fourth President of Iceland, and the first female head of state to be democratically elected.

Standout Line

"To borrow from a certain Mr. Skywalker... 'I have a bad feeling about this...'" Goddamn you, Bryne, do you realise what you've done?  You've managed to make George Lucas dialogue seem snappy and insightful!  I feel like I need a shower...

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