Sunday, 4 September 2011

X1C (v2) #15: "Bad Hair Day"

("Much hair-do about nothing")


Boo!  This recycled cover is a disgrace!  And for an issue that features not one but two redheaded women!  I am outraged, I tell you!  Outraged!

I guess they make up for it inside, though.  There's one panel in particular, where Jean has her tongue stuck out in concentration as she tries to use her powers to move her hair like Medusa's, that's easily may favourite ever image of the young Ms Grey.

On any other day, I'd probably have really liked this issue - there's a lot of great dialogue, and having Medusa stay (however briefly) at the mansion because she can't be sure she isn't a mutant is a reasonable set-up.  Today, though, I'm not so charitably inclined, because a) it's another special-guest issue and I'm sick of them, and b) Medusa's "amnesiac alien" routine is a bit too reminiscent of Machine Mans "awkward robot" shtick from the last two issues.  Again, that sort of thing can be fun, but it's not really particularly taxing, and trying twice in a row feels a little lazy.

You do have to respect a supervillain who rings the doorbell, though.  Even if he is doing it with the barrel of his super-advanced ray-gun.  Manners cost nothing, after all.

Oh look, Angel's back, as of course he ultimately had to be.  I guess arial sex with a never-ending supply of half-naked hotties doesn't really make up for not being able to spend his ludicrous amounts of money.  Must be tough to be a millionaire, huh?


This issue takes place over two days.

From the conversation the team are having whilst on the X-jet - regarding the destruction of X-50 in their last adventure - it seems plausible that they are returning from that mission when this story starts, placing this issue on the same day as the previous two.


Friday 21st to Saturday 22nd April, 1979.


X+Y+20 to X+Y+21.

Contemporary Events

The National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC unveil the Albert Einstein Memorial.

Standout Line

"Then we jump off at the last second before it hits, right?"
"Yes, because physics works just like your favourite cartoons" - Iceman and Beast.

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